The Third Leg



The Third Leg is a queer artist collective between artists GingerBrooks-Takahashi, Onya Hogan-Finlay and Logan MacDonald. The
collaboration facilitates as a response to help dispel queerstereotypes and confront internalized homophobia through a shared art
practice that includes a focus on exhibitions, the dissemination of information, and creation of artist multiples (via drawings, artist
books, text, and posters).  Perhaps the most notable project of The Third Leg was the exhibition titled “Welcome to Gayside,” held at
Eastern Edge Gallery in Newfoundland, September 2006.  Whereby theydeveloped a thematic exhibition based on a true story about
a town in Newfoundland called Gayside that during the height of the HIV/AIDS hysteria of the early 1980’s had townspeople deciding
to change the name of their town to something less provocative: Baytona (referencing Daytona, Flordia perhaps?).  Some twenty years
later, after native Newfounlander MacDonald shared this story with the collective they decided to develop an exhibition project and head
to Newfoundland, where they reclaimed the name as a queer utopia. The Eastern Edge exhibition was assembled as a celebratory
installation space of decorations, streamers, balloons, free condoms, and queer emphasized banners (such as "Live and Let Lez"). The
center piece of the exhibition was a topography map tilted after the show “Welcome to Gayside," which was saturated with an LGBTQ
emphasis to illustrate what a queer utopian landscape Gayside looks like.


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